Perkiomenville Woman's Drive to Keep Streets Safe

Spurred by tragedy, Robin Maroney instituted a service to keep intoxicated motorists away from the wheel.

Whether you're mildly buzzed or three-sheets to the wind, there's a new designated driver service in town.

After losing a family friend who was killed by a drunk driver, Robin Maroney, 49, of Perkiomenville, decided to create a donation-based shuttle service by utilizing nothing more than her Ford Expedition and a fervent desire to keep the roads safe.

"I came up with the idea eight or nine years ago, but I finally acted on it last year," said Robin Maroney, who launched the Toxi-KAB service during the spring of 2011. "You just call me, and I come get you. It's pretty simple." 

Aside from the obvious wordplay, Maroney chose the name Toxi-KAB because it represented the first initial of each of her three children--Kenny, Alexis and Brandon. 

Additionally, her daughter Alexis recently received her driver's license, which Maroney says makes her efforts all the more important.

"Too many people have died as a result of drunk drivers," said Maroney.  "It's not worth it.  If you need a ride, we'll pick you up. If you need your vehicle returned home, I'll come out with another non-drinker and they'll follow us home."

Toxi-KAB is currently staffed by Maroney and a handful of volunteers who--using their privately owned vehicles--provide various shuttle services including pre-arranged pickups, door-to-door and bar-to-bar transportation, unscheduled designated driver calls and even vehicle returns.

When she's not out driving, Maroney has spent much of the past nine months pounding the pavement, reaching out to area bars, restaurants and hotels in the hopes that word will spread of her shuttle service. In some instances, businesses owners simply take down her information for future use, while in others, Toxi-KAB has become the go-to source for those who want to cut loose without worrying about transportation.

According to Maroney, weeknights tend to be slow but the calls pick up as they get closer to the weekend. 

On a typical Saturday night, Maroney will provide an average of six to eight rides for individuals and groups throughout Montgomery and Chester counties, and in the event she cannot make the trip, she can delegate the job to one of her volunteers.

Toxi-KAB is currently in the process of becoming an official non-profit organization, but until the paperwork and legal issues are settled, Maroney has to run the business as a public service-—making it illegal for her to request any type of payment.

Instead, those who utilize the shuttle service typically make a donation for gasoline expenses and the time spent on the road. Maroney added that while most of the patrons have been generous, it's not a requirement by any means.

"Don't refrain from calling due to a lack of money," said Maroney. "It's not about that.  I just don't want drunk people on the road."

While her motives are serious in nature, Maroney adds that there is a comical side to what she does.

"I wish I could put a camera in the Expedition," said Maroney. "With the things people say and do while they're drunk, I could probably start my own reality show! It's hilarious."

The shuttle service operates seven days a week, and can accommodate groups as large as seven people. To secure a safe ride home, simply call Robin Maroney at (610) 487-5604.

For additional information on Toxi-KAB, as well as volunteer opportunities, check them out on Facebook and Twitter @ToxiKAB.

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