Swim Teams from Ursinus, Perk Valley Post 'Harlem Shake' Videos

After a campus Harlem Shake video was filmed, members of the Ursinus swim team created their own; Perk Valley swimmers participated in a PAC-10 clip.


The Ursinus College and Perkiomen Valley High School men's swim teams are the latest local groups to upload their versions of the Harlem Shake, a new 30-second viral video craze.

The PVHS team participated in a PAC-10 performance with swimmers from Boyertown, Upper Perk, and other PAC-10 schools.

A Harlem Shake a very specific song paired with an extremely unique - and highly non-choreographed - flash dance.

The first Harlem Shake video was uploaded by comedian Filthy Frank on Feb. 2, followed closely by thousands of groups all over the world - including the Montgomery County Patch staff, the Perkiomen Valley Vikings, and Ursinus College students.

Do you have a Harlem Shake to share? We'd love to see it. Submit your video on Patch, and we'll be sure the community gets to see you get down.


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