Ursinus Bears' Spirit in Full Swing for Homecoming

Student recounts events

We may still be missing our homes and all those who dwell there after their visits last weekend, but there’s no denying Ursinus has become a real home to most students on campus. When you leave college, you are not just leaving classes and professors and your RD’s new dog. You are leaving your family. You are leaving your home.

It’s difficult leaving your home. There’s something about those creepy metal statues and disgusting Wismer food that just draws you back in and makes you want to stay forever. How can you not miss it?

This weekend ended the suffering, though, for all those who have gone before. This weekend was Homecoming!

 Preparation for the celebration started in early September when student organizations were invited to nominate seniors for homecoming king and queen. From sororities and fraternities to the rugby team to Ursinus Student Government Association, organizations all across campus came together to produce a homecoming court of 30 excited seniors. Each organization made a banner to represent its nominee and the decorations were hung in campus’s dining hall, Wismer, to rally the school for the event.

Ursinus rugby captain and homecoming king nominee Mike Ward said, of being on court, “It was great to see everyone’s demonstrations of school spirit.”

The banners in Wismer were not the only places our love of Ursinus and eagerness to welcome back our alumni were found. The Reimert complex resident advisors hosted an event during which residents could come make banners to represent their suites and their school spirit as well. The banners were hung from the railings in the complex’s courtyard for all to see throughout the weekend.

After a court was decided through a campus-wide vote on Ursinus’ interactive Blackboard site, the preparatory emails were sent campus-wide, and the banners were hung to light up the school spirit, it was time for the festivities to begin! Thursday night, though not officially part of Homecoming, marked the open of Ursinus’ twelfth annual Fringe Festival, featuring Tongue and Groove Spontaneous Theater, a quirky improv show whose cast brought tears to eyes and smiles to faces in its quick presentation.

The Festival continued into Friday with “The Real Housewives of South Philly Jump the Shark,” a Hillel Shabbat dinner, and a girls’ soccer game versus Franklin and Marshall. Though the rain put a damper on the bonfire plans, nothing could drown this campus’ school spirit. The pep rally was in full-swing by nine in Ursinus’ field house. Also on Friday, many members of the extended Ursinus family gathered for Hall of Fame induction dinner in Lower Wismer.

Though the Farmers’ Market was awake and lively as ever Saturday morning, it was not quite the attraction of choice for campus visitors. Throughout the day, the UC admissions officers kept alert as student tours and counselor admissions interviews were held on a rolling basis. There were also tours of the creepy metal statues mentioned above, so new prospective students could learn more about the diverse art life Ursinus has and their parents could get updated on the additions to the creepy metal statue collection.

Women’s lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey, and men’s soccer all did the bears proud in their athletic endeavors throughout the day Saturday, but no one was more excited than the eager football fans on the new turf field. Whether the interest was the beauty queens or a nerve-wracking game, the bears’ display in their game versus McDaniel had something for everyone.

The players called it a half with a close scoreboard as the homecoming court and their escorts made their way to the field. After brief introductions of all court members, swimmer Kevin Tallon and Phi Alpha Psi sister Liz Wallace were named 2011 Ursinus Homecoming King and Queen.

The players came back to pull off a narrow victory over the Green Terrors, bringing fans to their feet in the final minutes of the game, and everyone, court and players alike, left the field smiling.

The celebrations continued well into the night across Ursinus’ campus. From Main Street to Reimert to New and North, there was happiness abound and laughter to share in alumni and students both. The night may have seemed fleeting, but no one can say fun was not had.

We were sorry to see our Ursinus brothers and sisters leave once again to return to the real world, but we were glad to have them back for the time we did. Whoever said you can’t go home again clearly did not know the Ursinus family.


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