Andrea Galambos: 'I Would Like People Know How Committed I am to This District'

Perkiomen Valley School Board candidate answers Patch's questions as the election nears.

On her qualifications for a board seat
I have the experience of managing a $100 million contract, both at the program level as well as fiscally. I am well versed in quality management and have vast experience analyzing, auditing and reviewing programs and systems for efficiencies, effectiveness and quality outcomes.  

Perkiomen Valley School District’s biggest issues
This is a time in which our school and service systems are being significantly impacted by budget cuts. Not only is the educational funding being decreased, but so are the social services and supplemental supports that are used by the districts and the families. This means that what may once have been offered by a social service agency will now need to be offered by the school -- or not offered at all. These include drug prevention program, cuts in Medicaid-funded services that are provided in the school setting, etc. This will further increase the financial burden on the schools to provided the needed services.

 We need to take a less traditional approach to school funding and look for combined savings either across this district or multiple districts or even statewide. We need to look at obtaining outside funding based on the implementation of evidenced-based practices that are shown to help our kids, are more efficient and less costly over time. 

I also believe we need a multi-tiered assessment of our school, not a score based on one test result. I want to know that our students are good at arts, sports, drama, etc. I want to know what the parents and the students think about the services we are providing them.

We need a well-rounded picture of our district based on multiple sources.

On the school budget
I believe there are avenues that can accomplish obtaining the courses and services necessary WITHOUT burdening the taxpayers. Any service that is primarily funded through a single source is unsustainable. We need to look at any other alternative funding sources, change some of the restrictions on the districts that could limit the outside funding and look at combined funding with our districts, county- or statewide.

Before you vote
I would like people know how committed I am to this district, our students, the seniors in our community as well as those folks who do not have children yet still are invested due to the taxes they pay. People can find additional information on our website, www.pvschoolboard.com



tim November 08, 2011 at 12:53 PM
Good grief, this candidate is talking about the school district providing 'social services and supplemental supports'. Of course, not a word about spending increases at 2 or 3 times the rate of inflation. Stay far away from this candidate!
Andrea November 10, 2011 at 09:59 PM
To Tim, This is Andrea. I am certainly glad that folks are actively reading the information that the Patch has supplied. I was not implying that the district would be the one to supply the "social services," only that State and Federal funding cuts are coming or have already happened and will have a direct impact on the school disctrict. Thanks for reading and for your interest in the election.


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