Trappe Borough: Possible Trash Collection Fee

A letter penned and read aloud by Trappe Councilman at the August Trappe Borough meeting brought residents out to the September meeting.

Trappe residents crowded into Borough Hall on September 4, 2012 for the monthly council meeting. One person handed out packets that included a letter by Councilman Marshall Stomel, with additional pages of charts and graphs comparing revenue and tax percentages of the general fund. A third page gave historical information about the former Trappe real estate tax and the current local services tax.

During the public forum, several residents spoke to Council about the letter that proposed a trash collection fee to deal with a budget deficit.

“I was kind of alarmed by this (letter) to be honest," said one resident. "The words were pretty strong, like 'ticking time bomb' as far as finances. Does revenue coming in meet the budget?"

President Fred Schuetz said that the public needs to be aware that we can’t keep dipping into revenues for the road maintenance project and that our aging fire hall is another priority. He said that the letter was a beginning, a way to start fact-finding and to get the information out.

"The Finance Committee is the group that will look at this in detail as they go into preparation of the budget," he explained.

Councilman and Finance Committee Chair Nevin Scholl said the committee is looking to savings. Borough manager Jacqui Guenther contacted eight local municipalities to find out what they pay for trash services. Councilman Scholl hopes that Trappe can realize cost savings when the contract is re-negotiated in the spring.

According to the borough treasurer, Justin Nepo, Trappe Borough currently has $1,810,320 in cash and CD's.

Upcoming dates and activities in Trappe:

Mayor Connie Peck reminded residents of the need to bring ID when coming out to vote on Election Day, November 9. Voter registration ends October 9.

The next Trappe Borough meeting will be held Tuesday, October 2 at 7 pm. The public is invited to attend.


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