S.H. Bio Waste Withdraws Application to Sanitize on Site

The Iron Bridge Corporate Center facility withdrew its conditional use permit to Perkiomen Township and will not purchase an autoclave to sanitize waste on site.


S.H. Bio Waste is no longer requesting a conditional use permit from Perkiomen Township to purchase an autoclave for its Iron Bridge Corporate Center Facility, which would have allowed the company to sterilize waste onsite.

The lingering issue at the end of the October conditional use hearing was if the proposed autoclave would reduce the amount of waste during the sanitation process, changing the company from a “transport facility” to a “processing facility," which requires a buffer of at least 900 feet between the facility and residential areas.

S.H. Bio Waste, a company that currently picks up bio waste material from local businesses and transports it to Maryland to be sterilized, does not have the necessary buffer for a processing facility.

The company’s attorney, Michael Clement, said in October that he would communicate with DEP to get a determination on if the facility would be considered a processing plant as a result of the autoclave installation.

“I know that they wrote to DEP, because I got a copy of that letter,” said Perkiomen Township Solicitor Kenneth Picardi. “I know that, on behalf of the township, I wrote a letter to DEP also, asserting our position that this was in fact a processing facility and needed that distance.”

“I interpret that DEP basically decided with the township that this is a processing facility, because Bio-Waste has indicated to me that they simply wish to withdraw their application."

While the company can re-apply for the conditional use permit, Picardi does not believe it is likely to happen anytime soon.

“The matter to me [is] moot, null and void,” said Picardi.  “There won’t be an autoclave now or in the foreseeable future.”

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