PV Municipalities: Sewer Rates Rising, Blame Lower Providence

Perkiomen Township, Collegeville and Trappe Boroughs are sending letters to rate payers explaining a sewer rate increase, citing Lower Providence as the cause.


Perkiomen Township and Collegeville Borough announced at their monthly meetings that sewer rates will be going up due to a lawsuit between the Lower Perkiomen Valley Regional Sewer Authority (LPVRSA) and Lower Providence Township.

"The reason we're sending this [letter explaining a rate increase] out is that we had to build a new interceptor, and a small group of residents is holding it up with law suits, and Lower Providence is backing them," said Arnold Mann, Collegeville Borough Vice Chairman at the council's monthly meeting. "The rates are going up because of the lawsuits, and the fact that Lower Providence has not paid their bills to the [LPVRSA], they have put it in a trust - we need to raise our rates to keep the sewer plant operating"

According to Mann, the letter will be sent from the Collegeville/Trappe Municipal Authority, representing both boroughs.

Perkiomen Township Supervisor Richard Kratz had a similar report at his township's meeting, stating that, between a lawsuit and unpaid bills, the LPVRSA needs to make up the $3 million loss resulting from the middle interceptor battle with Lower Providence Township.

"We had a  [LPVRSA] meeting last month, and it was decided that the regional authority has to increase rates by $10 per year for each [Equivalent Dwelling Unit, EDU]," said Perkiomen Township Supervisor Richard Kratz. "There are 3,000 EDU's in the township, so Perkiomen Township alone will be paying $30,000 more to the regional sewer authority."

This debate came to a head during municipal meetings this summer, as all municipalities in the LVPRSA - Trappe, Collegeville, Skippack, and Upper Providence - are in agreement on the location for the interceptor, except for Lower Providence, where the interceptor is planned to be built along the Perkiomen Creek near Arcola Road.

Lower Providence residents, and the township, have asked for an alternative pump station, which they believe will lessen the environmental, health and aesthetic risks to the area.

The pump station, however, will add millions of dollars to the total price tag of the project, according to the LPVRSA representatives.

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Dina Inverso October 09, 2012 at 12:07 PM
This is nothing- take a look at Washington township ( berks county) who mismanaged their budget so badly we are hit with an increase of over $100 per quarter!!!
Jesse Peterson October 09, 2012 at 09:04 PM
They better put this increase in escrow for us, to be paid back when the chiselers of LPT cough up the dough.
Ida Marre October 11, 2012 at 07:05 PM
The LPVRSA has mismanaged this operation for many years now, maybe someone should investigate them. They just hired a PR firm to put out this kind of misinformation. Who authorized this and how much is it adding to my bill. They are just looking for a scapegoat, Lower Providence ratepayers pay half the cost of operation right now, how much more do they want us to pay. We need to go to the Attorney General's Office and demand an investigation into the mismanagement and pure outrageous expenditures for legal and engineering expenses. Someone has to pay for their misfeasance of office.
Catherine Beyer October 12, 2012 at 01:04 PM
Wow! Thank you Ida! Finally someone seeing thru the propaganda! You are right the Auditor General needs to invesitgate this.. and now to top it off.. at lpvrsa's last night meeting they announced their 4 alternatives their looking at.. and they are still spending money studying a plan that they know will end up in litigation!,, Why would they do that? Don;t they care about spending more money?? They have 3 other plans that they could concentrate on , why would a regional purposefully grieve one of their own member townships when they have alternatives.. Actually they have an approved plan right now that they could use.. the original plan, that runs right next to the exisiting pipe in the pre-exisiting right away on the U.P side, (they don't want people to know that for some reason). If this plan their trying to push down LP's throat was in any other of their townships or in one of their board members land or one of their friends , do you think we would be having this conversation? Of course not.!.The chairman over there appears to have some sort of grudge against LP and is out for blood, lpvrsa please use one of your other alternatives and stop the needeless spending and litigations.. its just making your lawyer richer and us poorer!!! You are the one causing the rate hikes to the residents!
Ida Marre October 12, 2012 at 01:37 PM
Ms. Beyer, Your are correct that Mr. Feio has a grudge against Lower Providence. Reason being he lost he re-election bid last year as a township supervisor to Lisa Mosse. Word on the street is that she had support from some of the Lower Providence politicos and handily beat him. So, therefore he is still trying to get even with our folks on this side of the Perkiomen and wants to shove this inteceptor up you know where. Politics are brutal and have an awful smell coming from across the river.


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