Trappe Manager Warns Residents of Address Curb Painting Scam

Trappe borough is NOT requiring address curb number painting.

Below is a message from Jacqui Gunther, Trappe Borough Manager:

“If you received a notice like the one pictured here please be advised that this is a marketing ploy to get residents of Trappe to pay for address curb number painting.  This company is fraudulently implying that this is a Borough  requirement.  THIS IS A MARKETING SCAM!  These people are illegally soliciting in Trappe Borough without a permit.

I would caution all residents not to engage these people for any type of service.  If any person is soliciting in Trappe you should always ask to see their Solicitor's Permit issued by the Borough of Trappe.

Please note that the Borough is required to issue a solicitor's permit if it is properly applied for.  However, the Borough does not promote, condone or approve of any services being sold even if the sellers are in possession of a Solicitor’s Permit.  Please use caution when dealing with companies you are not familiar with.”


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