Lower Frederick Supervisors Pass 'No Parking' Ordinance

Portions of Perkiomen Avenue, Laureen Road and Circle Drive will be restricted due to safety concerns.

The following are actions taken by Lower Frederick Township Supervisors. Information provided by Township Manager Tamara Twardowski:

• The supervisors adopted an ordinance creating no-parking areas on Perkiomen Avenue, Laureen Road, and Circle Drive. The roads are narrow and parking on both sides restricts traffic flow, which can create dangerous conditions. The Township did have some complaints from residents regarding the parking, but it was also prompted by observations of the and road crew.

• Public works has been authorized to begin repairing the damage to that was caused by flooding from Hurricane Irene. This includes damage to the fencing around the basketball court which will be removed. All of the mulch around the playground was lost, one of the toddler play structures was lost and the rubber coverings that cover the concrete in the entrance to the playground was destroyed. All of the work can be performed by Township staff, and is expected to take a few weeks. The park also sustained heavy tree damage but the tree removal was completed in the fall. They would like to have the park and playground ready to opened by the end of March.

• Accepted the resignation of from the police department and approved a motion making a conditional offer of employment for a full time police officer.  

• Authorized acceptance of a TreeVitalize Watershed grant administered by the Montgomery County Conservation District, and funded by the Department of Environmental Protection and Aqua Pennsylvania to plant trees, shrubs, and meadow in Cuddy Park.


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