Lower Frederick BOS Approves Driveway Ordinance

The new code is intended to improve many safety issues; a permit is required for major improvements.


The Lower Frederick Township Board of Supervisors unanimously passed an ordinance regarding requirements for township driveways, aimed at improving safety issues throughout the township.

The existing township code addresses sideways, but it has been insufficient to address certain matters of safety, sight distance and gradation,” said Lower Frederick Engineer Carol Schuehler.

As a result, she said there were many township driveways with insufficient sight distances, driveways push stone and mud into township streets, and townships with poor drainage that cause icing and other issues.

Schuehler noted that the new ordinance requires safe sight distances, the obstructed line of sight 3.5 feet above the pavement surface, the thickness of pavement required, minimum and maximum driveway widths, and drainage.

Permits, which currently cost $50,  will be required for any residents intended to make major improvements to their property.

Schueler said that a substantial improvement includes paving an currently unpaved driveway, replacing a drainage pipe, any grading or excavation within 10 ft of a street right of way, changing the original gradient or design, and anything affecting the storm water flow or discharge into a township road.

No permits are needed for ordinary maintenance, including sealing or patching driveways.

Lower Frederick Township Manager Tamara Twardowski said that this isn’t a moneymaking venture for the township.

“We are looking at a staggering that in the fee schedule for next year,” Twardowski said.  “It’s not about the fee, it’s about making sure what they’re doing is not causing issues to the surface.”


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