Local Supervisor Announces Bid for State House

Thomas Neafcy, who is serving his 14th year on the board, will run against former State Rep. Tom Quigley in a Primary Election.

Tom Neafcy. Credit: Tom Neafcy on LinkedIn.
Tom Neafcy. Credit: Tom Neafcy on LinkedIn.

Limerick Township Supervisor Thomas Neafcy announced his plans to run against Mark Painter for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 147th Legislative District, which will include Perkiomen Township and Trappe Borough after the 2014 election.

Neafcy has served on the Limerick Township Board of Supervisors for 14 years, spearheading the township park system and helping to preserve more than 300 acres of open space, to creating jobs and expanding transportation infrastructure.

Neafcy, who lost a Primary election in 2011 but was voted back into office, will run against former Rep. Tom Quigley in a primary.

According to a report in the Times Herald, Neafcy questioned Quigley’s motives on seeking election, including suggesting that Quigley, who held the seat from 2004 to 2012, is running for financial reasons.

“We need a new direction in Harrisburg, not people who are running for their own personal reasons. I don’t think serving in Harrisburg should be a career,” said Neafcy.

Neafcy highlighted that he has never voted for a tax increase, and that he will tackle “rather than shy away from tough issues.”

“With a Democrat having won the seat for the first time ever in 2012, this may be our party’s last, best chance to recapture it,” Neafcy said in a letter seeking the endorsement of the Limerick Township Republican Committee.  “Facing that challenge, it is imperative our party endorse the candidate best suited and positioned to defeating the Democrat incumbent.  I believe I am that candidate.”

The 146th legislative district will change for the 2014, increasing the number of registered Republicans. It will now include Perkiomen Township and Trappe Borough, and it removes parts of Pottstown, Upper and West Pottsgrove and New Hanover.

Interested Observer January 30, 2014 at 11:03 AM
Oh God, if this man is the GOP candidate the GOP has NO hope of winning this seat back. This is a man who was thrown out of office for supporting a gas power plant right next to a nuclear power plant. He is out-of-touch with the kind of voters who have moved into the 146th District now. And his attacks against Quigley ring hollow. Neafcy says he'll "only" serve 10 years...more than long enough to get his big pension. Very public servant of him.


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