Changes Coming to Collegeville McDonald’s

Borough Council approved the land development plan at its January meeting; the fast-food restaurant will be closed for four months during renovations.


Collegeville Borough Council approved a land development plan regarding the Collegeville McDonald’s, which includes removing the Play Place, improving site circulation, and adding a side-by-side drive-through.

“This is all part of the new McDonald’s re-branding initiative, in regards to bringing a lot of their existing facilities up to the new look of the McDonald’s,” said Michael Jeitner, Principal of of Boehler Engineering, who presented to council at its January meeting along with Bill Zuccarello of McDonald’s.

The site, on the corner of Main and Second Streets, will be closed for roughly four months during construction, which is likely to begin around September of this year.

The new site circulation will feature the same number of access points, but will allow more ways around the building, and a bypass lane around the drive-through.

The double-bay drive-through will allow two customers to order at once, increasing efficiency of the drive-through – which makes up as much as 70 percent of McDonald's business.

Awnings will be placed on the drive-through bays, and the turn radius will increase in the drive-through.

The look of the building will also change significantly.

“Some of the bright colors are going away,” Jeitner said, in favor of brick and stack stone.

A pedestrian access plan is also in the works, including cross walks and ramps.

Council Member Louise Tulio pointed out that, based on the photos, the site will be similar to the McDonald’s in Limerick.

The land development plan, which was already approved by the Collegeville Planning Commission, was approved unanimously by borough council.

JPerrone January 09, 2013 at 05:56 PM
Am I understanding this article corrrectly regarding the removal of the playground? If so, this is a sad day when children who are so accustomed to playing at that location for years are now being overlooked to gain sales by the removal of the family playground. These are sad times in Collegeville for families and cheerful children.


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