Gun Sales in Montgomery County on the Rise

As Capitol Hill debates gun control, sales and registrations in the county are booming.

Business is booming. Those in the gun-selling industry are finding a good deal of action in Montgomery County.

According to an article in the Pottstown Mercury, the counter in spots like the French Creek Outfitters has seldom dropped below a dozen customers all day long. In the wake of the debates on Capitol Hill and President Barrack Obama's recommendations on gun control, the sales and registrations in the county have been on the rise.

Many makes and models are sold out at local gun shops.

"When asked about AR-15 rifles, one employee shook his head. 'We’ve been sold out of those for weeks,' he said," quoted the Mercury article.

Many local vendors are noting the sales went up more after Wednesday's statements by the president.

"Gun shops reported a run on rifles after the president announced he wants a ban on assault weapons renewed and all ammunition magazines sold limited to 10 rounds or less, among other proposals," said the article.

One Perkiomen Valley area business owner agreed.

"Charles Barber, whose store, Barber’s Firearms in Lower Frederick, deals mostly in hunting and sporting needs, said there has 'absolutely' been a run on rifles like the AR-15," said the article.

According to an article on PAGunRights.com, the most recent collected data shows Montgomery County is listed as Number 9 county in the state for most licenses to carry, while it is Number 8 in the state for most firearm dealers.

Data was dated as far back as 2008 in the site's study.

Another news site, "The Daily Beast," ranked Pennsylvania at 25th in the nation for most gun owners. The site used data last collected in 2009.

Sales heading into 2013 are seeing a much steeper incline. It is unclear, however, if the rise in sales is for an owner's use and protection or if buyers are trying to make a quick buck.

"Although some may be buying the weapons for their personal use or defense, the gun store owner said many are probably buying the guns to turn a profit," the article said.

“They are an investment now,” said an unnamed gun store owner in Montgomery County. “There are people that bought them before all this and then sold them online for twice what they paid for them.”

Liberty Belle January 19, 2013 at 01:55 PM
When will SWAT teams go door to door and collect all the illegal guns from drug houses ? Never......those people are not a threat to the Government . The Gov wants the guns of Patriots who can be if pushed, a threat to the Government
Jonny V January 21, 2013 at 01:01 AM
You are wrong in that, a FFL, as a gun store owner, must perform a background check on the customer for any gun sold; long gun or pistol. Private sales of long guns only are legal in the state of PA provided both of the parties are residents of PA.
Jonny V January 21, 2013 at 01:04 AM
I am sure you are so proud of your genius, that you read your witty drivel more than once, hence you are one of the 75% reading your comment. i.e., not really too bright.
John Q. Public January 21, 2013 at 12:16 PM
Maybe Belle, but I have a different take. BHO knows the law-abiding are law-abiding, so a higher percentage would comply, unlike law-breakers. By disarming the law-abiding BHO hopes, in a few hundred years, the criminal gun-pool will dry up, and they will have no one left to steal from.
Liberty Belle February 05, 2013 at 12:32 PM
Public · By Citizens for Liberty Saturday, February 23, 2013 2:00pm We are regular everyday people. We are your school teachers, your police officers, your construction workers, your mothers, your fathers, we are your brothers & sisters in arms. We are firearms owners against crime who support the constitution. ... In response to unconstitutional actions by the President, on .223, February 23, 2013 the American people will stand together in solidarity to protect the right that protects ALL of our rights, the 2nd Amendment! This is a pro-2nd Amendment rally along with other liberties that they are trying to take away. This is more than just about gun rights, this rally is a battle cry in support of ALL our Constitutional & god-given rights that are being flushed down the toilet PIECE by PIECE! People are organizing locally and banding together neighbor to neighbor to reassert our community's right to determine our own destiny! 2:00 - Rally Starts (feel free to come a little early if you can) 3:15 - Open Carry Walk 3:30 - Special Guest Speakers This is the people PEACEFULLY assembling as guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Violence or incitement to violence will not be tolerated. If you live in Montco please sign this petition if you haven't already!! This isn't a Democrat or Republican thing. Stand up for the Constitution. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGhSNjU1WWN5N3NnMlZNbGxuaW5iLUE6MA


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