DEP Official Unsure of His 'Belief' In Climate Change?

Rep. Matthew Bradford asks DEP Secretary his stance on global warming.

"Climate change. Is it real?"

It seemed a simple question, especially for someone that leads the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). But, when Pennsylvania House Rep. Matthew Bradford (D-Montgomery County) asked DEP Secretary Michael Krancer that exact question, he, and most of America, was surprised by Krancer's answer.

According to philly.com, the exchange went something like this: 

Rep. Matt Bradford (D- Montgomery County):  “Climate change. Is it real?”

Krancer: “Representative, I couldn’t be more clear, the lowering of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions is a good thing.”

Bradford (shouting): “You couldn’t be more opaque!”

The representative asked during "the House and Senate appropriations committees this week" where Krancer had come "to discuss his agency’s budget," according to StateImpact.npr.org. His response on global warming confused many.

Krancer's next comment, per the NPR article, added to confusion.

"There is no uniformity within the scientific community on how much the warming is occurring," said Krancer, "And there’s no agreement about how much is attributable to the human part of it and how much is attributable to other factors."

Krancer later told Philly.com he didn't want words put into his mouth during the hearings.

"I didn’t refuse to say what I believe," he said. "I wasn’t asked what I believe. I was presented with some statements that were … rather lengthy. I was asked to agree or disagree."

KeepWaterSafe.org commended Bradford for his line of questioning.

Bradford "deserves kudos," said the website, "for following up."

While many are still unclear about Krancer's stance, the full philly.com follow-up interview can be found here.

Karl February 27, 2013 at 02:17 PM
Rep. Matt Bradford (D- Montgomery County): “Climate change. Is it real?” Krancer: “Representative, I couldn’t be more clear, the lowering of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions is a good thing.” The question asked has a yes or no answer. Giving an answer about "good things" was...not an answer. The earth's temperature has not risen since the late 90's...oops...doesn't fit the template!
Lee February 28, 2013 at 04:39 PM
Bradford deserves kudos?? What a jerkie question to pose, absolutely loaded. The dems in office in this state are out of their minds pissed because we have a rep Gov. Everything they say and do is calculated and about making gotchas. We do not know everything about climate change period.
p bresn March 01, 2013 at 01:46 AM
get a grip , lee..........are you serious????? and as far a questions...he should be able to comprehend and answer intelligently........duh


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