Collegeville to Amend Peddling and Soliciting Ordinance

The ordinance will be aimed at regulating individuals who sell seasonal products throughout the borough.


At the borough's November meeting, Collegeville Solicitor Mark Hosterman announced that he is working to develop a transient vendor ordinance to regulate vendors who temporarily set up shop in the borough, such as selling plants for Easter or Mother's Day.

"They come into the borough and set up a tent for a week or two, maybe longer - it's not previously well-regulated in our ordinances," said Hosterman. 

"What I've been working on is trying to incorporate that particular concept into the peddling and soliciting ordinance that was adopted by borough council about a year ago."

As it stands currently, anyone selling items in a public place is required to obtain a permit from the Collegeville Chief of Police.

Ursinus Director of Facilities Services Andy Feick was in attendance at the meeting, and asked if this ordinance would prohibit the purchasing of items in public areas, referring to a textbook company that buys back textbooks from students from a vehicle.

Hosterman said that the ordinance is only aimed at vendors selling items right now, but council could consider adding that into the language.

"I'm not averse making it harder for them, but I'm not actively seeking to obstruct," said Fieck.  "We prefer not to have them, but it's commerce."

Borough Council voted to continue forward with the ordinance with no further modifications regarding the textbook buyback companies.


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