Wiretaps Lead To Bust Of Local Meth Operation

A total of 32 suspects were arrested in connection with a methamphetamine distribution network which spanned from northern Montgomery County to Philadelphia.

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman has announced the arrest of 32 suspects in connection with a large-scale methamphetamine trafficking operation, which spanned from northern Montgomery County to Philadelphia and included 12 residents of and Hatfield, Towamencin, Montgomery and Upper Gwynedd townships.

Methamphetamine was recovered from a motorcycle repair shop in Lansdale, according to the report, just one of many locations where police executed a search warrant.

One of those arrested in charged with drug violations include Ronald Krauss, owner of Bad Ronald's Custom Tattooing in Lansdale.

The investigation began in 2011, when detectives from the district attorney's Narcotics Enforcement Team were tipped off to the alleged drug trafficking activities of Hatfield residents Frank Messina, Jeffrey Penna and David Penna, as well as Troy Dudas, of Limerick Township. Based on information gathered during the investigation, authorities were able to secure the use of wiretaps and electronic surveillance on the cell phones of Messina and Dudas from Feb. 8, 2012, through Feb. 29, 2012.

As a result of the surveillance, 14 search warrants were executed across Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, where authorities were able to recover quantities of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and firearms.

One of the locations was Cosmo Motors, an auto shop located at 101 East Blaine St. in Lansdale, where Messina worked. Cosmo Motors is a motorcycle and vehicle wholesale parts, distribution and repair facility.

According to the press release, the structure of the organization consisted of "meth distributers, users, and pushers." The release also states that the main targets were brothers Jeffrey and Devid Penna, who "used and distributed methamphetamine from Jeffrey Penna's residence in Hatfield Township."

The release states that the Penna brothers were later joined by Messina, who allegedly used and distributed methamphetamine, including to his own sister, Lisa Messina. Authorities were able to intercept conversations between Messina and his sister, which detailed "their method of operation in the distribution and use of [methamphetamine]."

The release also states that the investigation revealed links to a methamphetamine distribution network in Philadelphia, which was allegedly headed by brothers Juan and Antonio Encarnacion.

The suspects were arraigned on Wednesday, May 2, and Friday, May 4, by Magisterial District Judge Andrea Duffy, and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 11, at 10 a.m.

The following were charged with Felony Corrupt Organizations and Violations of the Drug Act:

  • Francesco “Frank” Messina, 719 Schwab Road, Hatfield Township
  • Troy Dudas, 111 Mine Run Road, Limerick Township
  • Todd Slawecki, 42 Orchard Court, Royersford, Upper Providence Township
  • Robert Glorioso, 1295 Cabin Road, Hatfield Township
  • Jeff Penna, 1295 Cabin Road, Hatfield Township
  • Dave Penna, 1898 Valley Forge Road, Towamencin Township
  • Jeff Martinez, 3822 North 6th St., Philadelphia
  • James Trull, 1447 Old Skippack Road, Upper Salford Township
  • Antonio Encarnacion Perales, 1002 N. Marshall St. 2nd floor, Philadelphia
  • Vanessa Ramos, 1002 N. Marshall St. 2nd floor, Philadelphia
  • Juan M.Encarnacion, 3921 N. 6th St. Philadelphia, 
  • Kent Lee Seprauskie “Gadget”, 55 Meng Road, Limerick Township
  • Timothy Beck, 55 Meng Road, Limerick Township
  • Kristina Popelarski, 385 Greenwood Ave., Upper Providence Township
  • Joel Jay Payumo, aka Marissa Devine, 251 E. Thompson St., Philadelphia
  • Joseph “Phoenix” Croxton, 1734 Tasker St., Floor 1, Philadelphia
  • Dan Ells, 225 East 2nd St. Apartment B, Lansdale
  • Rodney Creciun, 108 Stump Road, Montgomery Township
  • John Griffith, 1626 Sheffield Drive, Whitpain Township

The following defendants were charged with Misdemeanor Violations of the Drug Act:

  • Ronald Krauss, 10 South Towamencin Ave., Lansdale
  • Jamie L. Hamburg, 27 Lincoln Ave. Floor 2, Lansdale
  • Anthony LaGrotte, 149 North 3rd St., Telford
  • Carmen Iannelli, 2382 Orchard Lane, New Hanover Township
  • John J. Welsh III, 1150 Schwab Road, Hatfield Township
  • Lisa Messina, 2564 Morris Road, Worcester Township
  • Donald L Preston, 72 Roboda Boulevard, Upper Providence Township
  • Kevin Saldutti, 1415 East Hewson St., Philadelphia
  • Ryan Burns, 804 Marlbrook Lane, Upper Gwynedd (Madison at Willowyck)
  • Norman R. Russell Jr., 3275 Bergey Road, Hatfield Township
  • Thomas McGoldrick,  1 Boro Line Road, King of Prussia
  • Keith Chasteen, 251 E. Thompson St., Philadelphia
  • Judy Cress, 913 Township Line Road, Phoenixville
jack off June 05, 2012 at 04:20 AM
poor little frank. no big man now. never know who your friends are. until you beat them. thats why you are where you now dumd ass..............ha ha ha ha got you.like you thought you got me............. now iam happy.jack off....
Dawn Reyes June 14, 2012 at 10:47 AM
Wish they would have gotten the rest that are involved!!!!
Nama December 08, 2012 at 09:50 PM
There are definately some here that are innocent and some here that are more guilty than what was mentioned. Some shouldnt have been charged and some got away without being charged. The law enforcement did a excelent job here. Unfortunately guilty by association is what happens to some of the innocent. Yes, the charges are based on some real evidence but, it is one step of an investigation. Each person here is dealt with individually. Some have no choice but to plead guilty because of the strength of the evidence and some have good defences as to why they are truely innocent of the charges brought against them. Its the way the system works. Its not perfect but, it sure works pretty good.
Nama December 08, 2012 at 09:50 PM
This was pretty much based on the head guys being users and only doing what it took to support thier own habbit. Nobody charged here really made any money. Frank owned nothing but a handymans toolbox and a few other tools he didnt know how to use. He was simply an employee. The business had nothing to do with the drug bust. The real owners of that business are legitimate and were not interested and did not profit from any drug activity that happened there. If it wasnt for Frank, his delusions, scams and, arrogance, this little drug ring would still be. So, good job Frank! Im sure law enforcement thanks you for making thier job easier. The community thanks you for being the one sole responsible for getting a few more criminals and thier drugs off the street. Who knows, im sure some of the ones charged thank you as well for forcing them to strighten up and be a positive member in society again. As for you, my bet is that you will never figure it out. You must have either been born stupid or the drug caused so much brain damage it made you that way. Law enforcement and the informants they had were only the first in a long line waiting to serve some justice on you.
True April 09, 2013 at 03:08 PM
I also know a person on the list. Jail for 3 years.. that's punishment.


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