VIDEO: 'Wheels Of Justice' Pimp Their Riders

The district attorney's charitable cycling team raises nearly $10,000 in one evening, doubling the event's total from last year.

The Wheels of Justice cycling team held their Second-Annual Date Auction fundraiser on Wednesday night at in Blue Bell, treating all in attendance to a hilariously entertaining evening and raising nearly $10,000 for law enforcement-related charities.

"It was a lot of fun," said Leslie Richards, Vice Chairperson of the Montgomery County Commissioners.  "It was a great opportunity for all of us to get together.  We were so happy to be there."

A total of 220 people attended the fundraiser, which offered food, drinks and – most importantly – a .

"The credit goes to Assistant District Attorney's Colleen McIntyre and Katie Colgan," said Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman, . "The event was their brainchild last year. It was such a smashing success that we wanted to do it again this year and surpass year one."

The festivities began with a fierce bidding war over a breakfast with Risa Ferman, in which two eager interns were ultimately outbid by Ferman's own husband, Michael. Immediately following the opening auction, a parade of members of various law enforcement agencies took to the stage, showing off their dance moves, inflatable guitar skills and a little skin.

Montgomery County Commissioner Chairman Josh Shapiro even got in on the act, serving as a guest auctioneer for his executive administrator, Chris Smith, who pulled in a whopping $400 bid.

"I thought it was a great time for an important cause," said Shapiro. "Most of our eighth-floor senior staff commented to the commissioners that it was really neat to see the commissioner's office, the district attorney's office, and all the other offices working together, socializing, and raising money for a good cause."

Aside from urging Smith to participate in displays of physical strength, Shapiro also donned a Risa Ferman campaign t-shirt in the hopes that he could lure his Republican colleagues into a larger bid.

"If it'll raise money for a good cause, I'll wear just about anything," said Shapiro. "I salute our district attorney for her work on this event. We were pleased to play a small role in helping out."

That appreciation was reciprocated by Ferman, who stated that the presence of the commissioners made the evening all the more memorable.

"What made this year extra special was the involvement of our county commissioners," said Ferman. "Commissioners Shapiro and Richards – along with many of their staff – came out to show their support and even joined in the festivities. The law enforcement community was deeply appreciative of the support shown by our county government leaders and their willingness to join us in helping the children of fallen police officers and other police charities."

The total amount of donations on the evening more than doubled last year's event, which bodes well for the cycling team as they continue their fundraising efforts heading into the 25-Annual Irish Pub Tour De Shore in July.

"With our team captains, Marc Azeff and Jim McGowan, they worked incredibly hard – on top of their day jobs – to make the auction a success," said Ferman. "The results speak for themselves. All day today people around the courthouse were talking about this incredible event to support law enforcement charities. I was very proud of our people."

Be sure to check out our photo and video coverage of the Wheels of Justice Date Auction. Did we catch you in our lens?


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