'Short-Change Artist' Robs Montco Grocery Stores

Lower Providence, Blue Bell Giant stores among those stolen by Philadelphia man.

A Philadelphia man has been dubbed a "short-change artist" according to local police. 

Bruce D. Cofer, 44, perfected his craft and over the course of about a year of stealing from Montgomery and Bucks county Giant grocery stores by purchasing low-cost items and paying with a $50, according to PhillyBurbs.com.

"[He] would select a low price item, usually priced between $1 and $4, and then use a $50 bill to pay for the item, according to criminal complaints," said the PhillyBurbs.com article. "Quickly and surreptitiously removing a $20 bill that he received in change, sometimes replacing it with a $1 bill, Cofer would claim he was short changed, the complaint said. The cashier then paid him the money he allegedly had been short-changed."

He will serve 4 to 23 months in Montgomery County jail for stealing from both the Lower Providence and Blue Bell Giant grocery stores.

For the full story, visit PhillyBurbs.com.

Lower Providence's Giant was also the store allegedly robbed by three women. The full story, including video survelliance photos, is also here on Patch.


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