Rafferty Supports More Ignition Locks for DUI Offenders

All offenders convicted of drunk driving would require a breathalyzer-like device in the car.

John Rafferty. Credit: Pennsylvania Senate.
John Rafferty. Credit: Pennsylvania Senate.

Hearings will be held this week on Senator John Rafferty’s legislation to require ignition interlocks on vehicles on all individuals convicted of their first DUI.

SB 1036 will go in front of the Senate Transportation Committee, chaired by Rafferty, of Collegeville, who has been praised by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for introducing the bill.

“MADD calls on Pennsylvania lawmakers to advance SB 1036. Nearly one third of the total traffic deaths are caused by a drunk driver. This legislation will help save lives, prevent injuries and stop repeat offenses,” said MADD Pennsylvania volunteer Laura Rieg in a press release.

Currently, DUI offenders who had their licenses suspended for a year are required to install an ignition interlock, a small handheld device that tests the alcohol in the driver’s breath before it starts. The new law will require all convicted drunk driver to install an interlock on their vehicles for six months.

The interlock also can require periodic breath checks while driving, to prevent someone other than the driver starting the vehicle.

Similar legislation has been introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Jack Minster January 28, 2014 at 02:30 PM
The difference between a drunk driver and a marijuana-toking driver: the high driver sits at a green light waiting for it to turn green, getting honked at by the driver behind him, slowly and cautiously proceeding. The drunk driver plows through a red light and kills people. Every day. God bless MADD. These devices won't stop every reckless auto fatality but it sure makes sense that they'll cut down on some. Great work, Senator Rafferty: please keep it up.


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