Perkiomen Police, Fire & EMS Stats: October

Pennsylvania State Police reported 113 incidents, Perkiomen Township Fire Co. responded to 37 incidents, and there were 32 ambulance requests in October.


Perkiomen Township officials released the police, fire and ambulance statistics for the month of October, which included 113 Pennsylvania State Police calls, 37 incidents involving the Perkiomen Township Fire Company, and 32 ambulance requests from the Lower Frederick Regional Ambulance Corps and Trappe Fire Company No. 1 Ambulance.

Pennsylvania State Police
Four thefts - two by unlawful taking, one forgery and one receiving stolen property - occurred in Perkiomen Township, and two commercial burglaries were reported in October, according to the Pennsylvania State Police.

One instance each of a suspicious person, indecent exposure and public drunkenness was reported, as well as two criminal mischief reports, two terroristic threat issues, four disturbances and nine domestic incidents.

Nine collisions occurred throughout the township, according to the PSP; no deaths were reported.

Perkiomen Township Fire Company
Perkiomen Township Fire Marshal John T. Moran, Sr., reported 113 incidents in the month of October, many of which occured at the end of the month during Hurricane Sandy.

Moran stated that there was zero fire loss reported in the township in October, and the fire loss to date is $206,400.

Ambulance Calls
Trappe Fire Company Ambulance stated that there were 32 total dispatches to Perkiomen - 24 from the Trappe Station, eight from the Limerick station.

The report indicated that the average arrival time for a Trappe Ambulance call was 7.5 minutes, compared to the average 6.9 for all calls in October.

The Lower Frederick Fire Regional Ambulance Corps was dispatched to Perkiomen Township eight times in October and three incidents were at Highland Manor.

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