Perkiomen Man's Stolen Identity Used for Nose Job

Cosmetic surgery photos led State Police to the identity thief, who faces five years of probation and must pay $6,000 in restitution.

A Philadelphia man is facing a five-year probation sentence after stealing a Perkiomen man's identity and opening a credit card to fund a nose job - photos of which eventually got him nabbed by the Pennsylvania State Police - according to Phillyburbs.com.

Police began the investigation when a Perkiomen man reported that he was being hounded for a $6,000 debt that he claimed never to have incurred.

The debt was tracked to a cosmetic surgeon who charged a 2008 surgery on a credit card that was fraudulently opened in the victim's name.

The surgeon was able to provide pre-surgery photos of the suspect, which were then matched to the Pennsylvania Driver's License of Randy R. Clinkscales, 27.

Clinkscales, who pleaded guilty to felony charges of forgery and theft of services, is required to pay $6,000 in restitution as part of his probation.

Read more in Margaret Gibbons's PhillyBurbs.com article here.


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