Old Grenade Removed from Ursinus Campus House

No one was injured; authorities dealt with discovery

The Montgomery County Bomb Squad removed (without incident) old grenade discovered in the basement of a currently unoccupied Ursinus College campus house in Collegeville, Thursday, Feb. 16, according to college and local police reports.

A facilities service staff member found the device while doing routine maintenance at the 319 E. Ninth Ave. residence.

Collegeville police officers and firefighters were called to the scene; the bomb squad was called as a precaution, an Ursinus spokesperson said. An ambulance was on standby, said Collegeville Police Chief Barton Bucher.

The grenade was not live and it's estimated that it had been in the residence for many years. Police checked records to see if there were any incidents at the house, prior to Ursinus' purchase, that could explain how the grenade got there, Bucher said. The only record concerns an animal incident in 1997, he said.


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