Man Pleads Guilty in Straw Purchase Case

The gun was later seized by police following a Jan. 2012 standoff in Telford.

A Telford man has pleaded guilty to charges that he illegally provided a gun to a friend who later became involved in a standoff with police.

CBS Philadelphia reports that Samuel Sofia, 37, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and providing false information during the purchase of a gun.

Prosecutors said the purchase of the bolt-action rifle from a Bucks County gun shop took place two days after Sofia's friend, Emilio Sciortino, had tried and failed to purchase a firearm.

According to PhillyBurbs.com, Sciortino was ineligible to purchase a gun because of his past mental health history, which included an involuntary commitment.

After obtaining the gun from Sofia, . The gun Sciortino fired during that standoff was reportedly not the one purchased by Sofia.

Sciortino later pleaded guilty to assault and weapons charges and awaits his own sentencing.

save101 March 16, 2013 at 03:53 PM
this is a young man who gave his time to his community volunteer fireman volunteer EMT pulling his fellow man from fires and life threatening occurrences gave to his community and his wife who cheated on him and could not take it anymore loose it and will be treated like all the other gun nuts knowing she was just as much the reason this happened now he will be sentenced to prison like the people who truly should be in prison the young man should be treated in a mental health surrounding and supported by his fellow volunteers for the good he did in his community not sent to a jail


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