Dresher Man Arrested for DUI After Jaguar Crashes into Guard Rail

Richard Retallick, of Dresher, was arrested for suspected DUI after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a guard rail.

According to Upper Dublin Police reports, on Nov. 22, at approximately 12:35 p.m., an Upper Dublin Police Officer responded to a reported vehicle accident, with a vehicle reported into a guard rail, on Dreshertown Rd. near St. George's.

While the officer was enroute, according to the report, police radio stated that the driver was intoxicated and that he was potentially trying to leave the scene. The original caller also stated that the driver of the vehicle was coming towards her and that she was afraid and leaving the scene, according to reports.

Once on scene, the officers spoke with a witness, who, according to the police report, said he was driving his vehicle northbound on Dreshertown Road when he saw the silver Jaguar come around the corner and lose control. He continued, that the back end of the Jaguar came around and he thinks struck the guard rail.

The officers then spoke with the driver of the Jaguar, identified as Richard Retallick, of Dresher, who admitted to police to being the driver of the Jaguar.

According to the police report, the officers could smell the odor of alcoholic beverage coming from Retallick's mouth and his speech was slurred. The officer described Retallick throughout the encounter as acting confused: he would allegedly  lose track of the conversation, repeat himself, and stare into nothing.

According to the report, the officer asked Retallick what caused the accident. Retallick said he lost control and hit the guard rail.

According to the report, the officer ask Retallick if he had been drinking or taking medication, and Retallick said no. However, the officer allegedly had to stop him from falling several times as he lost his balance and had to stop Retallick from walking away from the officer.

The officer explained to Retallick that he thought he might be a DUI and asked to do a few field tests, which Retallick allegedly refused to do.

According to the report, the officer placed Retallick in handcuffs and transported to Holy Redeemer Hospital where he submitted to a blood test. Charges will be filed pending lab results.

Lisa December 07, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Scoring to reports? St. George's? This article seriously needs to be edited. And by the way, I was the caller. While I was on the phone with 911 I witnessed Mr. Retallick picking up his bumper and placing it into his trunk. That is when 911 switched me over to the PD, because the intoxicated driver's actions indicated that he was going to flee the scene. It is true that I got back into my car and decided to drive away after the driver was walking toward me, moving his arms up and down in an agitated manner, and standing in front of my car. I thought he was going to do something to me because I told him I was on the phone with 911. I had my kids in the car and I didn't know if he was going to come after me. He was potently intoxicated.
Adam Young December 08, 2012 at 12:43 AM
Must be nice to be part of the Upper Dublin privileged. Buy a Jaguar, get drunk, smash it into a guard rail.
JB December 09, 2012 at 02:06 AM


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