Copper Pipes Stolen from Perkiomen Bridge Hotel

A police report does not indicate a conviction. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

An unknown person (or people) stole copper pipes from the Perkiomen Bridge Hotel. A officer made this discovery while on patrol Saturday, Feb. 25.
According to a report by Officer Andrew Sohl, he noticed the rear loading dock door, leading to the old hotel’s kitchen, was open. Upon inspecting the property’s second floor, Sohl “observed that the baseboard covers were removed and the copper piping used inside the baseboards were removed.” A further check of the second floor revealed that “all the baseboard covers were removed and all copper was stolen,” Sohl wrote.
Returning to the first floor, Sohl found more instances of copper theft, including a wash sink and a water heater.
“It is unknown if any other items were stolen from inside,” Sohl wrote.
Employees of nearby business Monro Muffler had not seen anything unusual at the hotel, the report stated. The last time they had seen the door secured was a week ago, the report continued.
A subsequent investigation of the property failed to yield any fingerprints, according to the report.

Nearly $300 of Baby Formula Stolen from CVS
Collegeville Police are investigating a retail theft at the that occurred Tuesday, Feb. 21.
According to a police report, surveillance video shows a woman entering the store at 3:50 p.m., “picking up a bag from the first aisle and walking to the rear of the store.
“The same female walks back up the same aisle carrying two plastic bags filled with items,” the report states.
The woman – described as white, in her early to mid 20s with long hair in a ponytail – cannot be seen taking the items from the aisle, police said. However “it is clear that she does not go to the checkout,” according to the report.
An inventory revealed 13 cans of baby formula, totaling $288.87, were taken from the shelf, the report states.

Thefts at St. Eleanor’s Dance
At least three students have reported items stolen from their jackets while at the CYO dance at , Saturday evening, Feb. 18.
Surveillance video shows the children attending the dance threw their coats on the floor “in the area of the two hallways across from the principal’s office,” the police report states.
Det. Gerard Milburn has met with St. Eleanor’s principal and staff and reviewed surveillance tapes. While three boys “two of them known by staff members,” were in the hallway longer than the other students, the report states, “there was no conclusive information” about who is responsible for the thefts.
The stolen items include wallets (containing money and a school ID) and an iPod Touch.


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