Collegeville Police Arrest Wanted Man

Active warrants in at least two states

Officer Andrew Sohl responded to a report of a suspicious male at Wawa. The shift manager called police after approaching a man who who had been walking around the store "holding something under his sleeve," the report states. The man reportedly became argumentative.

He had left the store by the time Sohl and Officer Cubbler arrived, so they began to check the area.

Around 2 a.m., Sohl saw a man dressed in black clothes and a black knit hat exiting from the front yard of 23 E. Fourth Ave., the report states. The man reportedly appeared to be trying to hide from police by standing among the trees on the property. Sohl stated that he shone a spotlight on the man and then exited the police vehicle; the man began walking on the sidewalk toward East Main Street, according to the report.

The man allegedly could not provide any ID and "was giving conflicting stories. He stated he was trying to catch a bus, but passed three bus stop areas along East Main Street prior to being stopped by police," the report states.

The man told Sohl his name was Paul Baron and gave his birth date. A computer search showed Baron was "a possible wanted person from Florida for burglary and also from Santa Ana, CA, for theft," according to the report.

"Baron was checked for tattoos and other possible indicators that he was the wanted person," Sohl wrote. Baron was uncooperative and lied about the tattoos, the report alleges. After he was detained and transported to Lower Providence, a LiveScan fingerprinting process "revealed that Paul Matthew Baron had several aliases, dates of births and Social Security numbers. Pennsylvania's criminal history shows his name as 'Paul Barrone,'" the report alleges.

Baron/Barrone is also reportedly wanted for burglary and theft, but the states would not extradite, according to the report.

"Baron was processed for loitering and prowling at night and providing fales information to law enforcement," the report states.


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