Perkiomen Police, Fire & EMS Stats

Pennsylvania State Police reported 118 incidents, Perkiomen Township Fire Marshal noted 16 calls, and there were 30 ambulance requests in the month of August.

officials released the police, fire and ambulance logs for the month of August, which included 118 calls, 16 incidents from , and 30 ambulance requests from and .


According to the Pennsylvania State Police, there were 16 collisions in August, six of which resulted in injuries.

There was one disorderly conduct, 12 disturbances and six domestic incidents reported, and two Protection From Abuse order served.

Additionally police noted three criminal mischief reports, two suspicious person incidents and one suspicious vehicle reported.


According to Perkiomen Township Fire Marshal John T. Moran, Sr., there were 16 incidents in the month of August.

The Perkiomen Township Fire Co. reported to six accidents with injuries, a vehicle fire, a water rescue, a helicopter landing and an electrical fire in the Township.

There were also false fire alarms and fire safety speeches included in the report.


According to a report from the , there were 11 calls into Perkiomen Township, one of which was to Highland Manor.

The reported 15 dispatches from the Trappe Station and 4 from the Limerick Station, for a total of 19 calls. The average time from dispatch to arrival in Perkiomen Township was 7.60 minutes, as opposed to the 8 minute average.


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