Five Businesses Doylestown Could Use

For all the variety Doylestown has, we can always use a little more. Here's five places to shop and eat that could Doylestown even better.

Doylestown has a lot to offer the consumer, both in terms of goods and food, from chains, franchises, and our beloved locals. But there’s always room for improvement and variety to add to what’s here. Here are a few places that would really help make Doylestown the best it can be.

  1. Chipotle Grill or Taco Bell — If you want Mexican and want it quickly, you’d have to go to Montgomeryville, but that’s too far for take-out if you’d like to eat at home. Based on the restaurants I see wished for in my Tweetdeck Doylestown search column, these are numbers one and two in terms of most-requested eateries, and I agree. (Sonic is number three.)
  2. Five Below — The dollar store, all grown up, a little classier, and without all the chintz. Art supplies for pre-schoolers? Check! Movie boxes of candy regularly priced at the “on sale” price of supermarkets? Check! A wide variety of clever/retro t-shirts, books, and small games? Check! It’s worth the drive to Airport Square to go there, and even the lofty King of Prussia mall now has one; surely we could, too.
  3. KFC — We had one at the Acme shopping center (it's now the Starbucks), and before that you could get it at the old Gino’s (that became Roy Rogers, then Boston Market, and now a CVS stands there), but for now we have the holy trinity of burger franchises within a quarter-mile of Main and Old Dublin/East, but no quick chicken. Please, find a way to bring the Double Down and eleven herbs and spices to Doylestown.
  4. Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s — Honestly, I couldn’t care less about either of these, but I feel like I’m the only one. Anytime a decently sized storefront becomes vacant, you can be sure a chorus of residents will pipe up, singing their praises and begging for one of these upscale grocery chains to come to town. (by the way, when people mocked Occupy Doylestown, it’s things like people asking for “Whole Paycheck” that was partly why).
  5. Red Robin — It fits that little niche between fast food burger joints like McDonald’s and casual liquor-licensed eateries with no real specialty like T.G.I. Friday’s that you didn’t know was there until they came along. A superb selection of burgers, a fun setting, beer and cocktails for the adults, and great milkshakes for the kids make this a fantastic place to unwind, but the closest one is in Quakertown. Can we please fix that?

So that’s my take on some places town could use. And if an enterprising person can find a way to do a “small business” equivalent, that works, too  Happy shopping and eating!

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Kelcey Meadows Lucas December 21, 2012 at 04:24 PM
But Jeff, don't you see how bringing chains in close to Doylestown would hurt local businesses and be a detriment to Doylestown? Not to mention add to the major childhood and adult obesity problem.... I worry what effect Panera will have on Crossroads Bake Shop. I think the most important thing for Doylestown is to encourage local businesses, not big chains. You can go 10 minutes away and fine all the crappy same old chains, let's keep Doylestown unique and special, not overrun with junk. I'm beyond excited about the organic juice bar- can't wait for that! yum!!! I can't wait for the Doylestown Food Co-op, the grocery stores here are terrible. Now that they parkway is open, WF is just 10-15 minutes away so that's where we'll be shopping. I am shocked that Whole Foods is less expensive than the organic section at Wegmans!
Crystal July 03, 2013 at 03:38 PM
Forget all that... we need a Bryn and Danes!! https://www.facebook.com/BRYNandDANES
Jeff Lugar July 03, 2013 at 07:48 PM
That's one down; four to go!
Mark Miscovich September 01, 2013 at 02:27 PM
Jeff - did you see what's going in at the old Subway location? The banner reads that it's going to be an "artisan pizzaria". Un-freakin-believable! There's already a bunch of places that sell pizza withing a few blocks, Nats, Paganini's, Villa Capri, Cafe Alessio, Baked on Main, and my favorite, Jules Thin Crust. Did these people do any kind of research??
Jeff Lugar September 05, 2013 at 10:18 AM
Mark, it could end up being the best of any of them, though it feels like it may be most like Baked on Main (which has cut corners IMO since a new owner took over in spring). I can say that the two guys who seem to be the bosses speak Italian, so that has to inspire some confidence. Another consideration (and something I've learned from watching "Shark Tank") is that while we may see a lack of a type of business as an opportunity for a new shop, to a savvy business person the lack of a type of business or competition may be red flag not to open, while if there's lots of businesses of a particular type, that shows there's money to be made if you're the best.


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