Mondays Are Hard: Enjoy This Pep Talk

Our readers inspire us all the time. Patch thought it was time to return the favor.

We love our readers. And let's face it, Mondays are not easy. It isn't always simple to get yourself moving and start your week off right.

Thankfully, there is a Kid President.

Featured on Huffington Post, as well as the weekly new videos from Rainn Wilson's "Soul Pancake," the Kid President is here to inspire us all to have a great week. While we are at it, he thinks we should have a great life, too.

You likely recognize Wilson as the character "Dwight" from "The Office” (American), which airs on NBC television. Soul Pancake is a fun curation site bringing together interesting media from around the Internet.

So, for all of our Patch readers, we encourage you to enjoy this Kid President “Pep Talk” and start your week off with a smile.

Be sure to click the “Recommend” button to share this on Facebook, as well. C’mon. Get the “world to dance.”

Happy Monday, Patch World.


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