Isn't Lotus Lovely?

Plucked off the streets of Collegeville, this tortoiseshell-coated beauty is waiting to be adopted at Perk Valley Pet Eatery in Trappe.

Getting into the lotus position can be tricky if you haven't been doing yoga for at least a little while.

Unless you're a cat, that is, and your name is Lotus. Then the Lotus position is wherever you decide to lie down and take in the world around you.

Lotus, pictured here doing just that, was found on the streets of Collegeville. She has temporarily taken up residence at the Perk Valley Pet Eatery while she waits for someone to adopt her.

Store manager John D'Alessandro tells us that Lotus is estimated to be about two years old.

Lotus is "super sweet, but does not really like other kitties," he says.

Stop in to visit Lotus, who is available for adoption ― along with many other cats and dogs ― through Spay and Save, Inc..


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