Ursinus and Borough of Collegeville to Join Forces in Securing of Main Street Crosswalks

Collegeville Borough Council discussed security measures along Main Street, zoning exemptions, the farmers market and other business.

During a Collegeville Borough Council meeting this past Wednesday evening, Andrew Feick, director of facilities at , addressed the board about forming a mutually beneficial plan to limit pedestrian accidents along Main Street from Fifth to Ninth streets.

Many considerations were discussed, such as extended crosswalk “bump-outs” that are already in use on lower Main Street, medians and fencing. Several people offered their input, including representatives from Fire & Rescue, the police and Ursinus.

Wifth safety being the main concern, as well as legal responsibility, Feick expressed his willingness to work with the borough in finding a solution. Councilman Rowan Keenan, after a productive discussion with the board, indicated that the board would be willing to work with Ursinus in developing safety measures.

The next step for Ursinus is to re-engage with the traffic engineers at Gilmore & Associates, a firm Ursinus has started traffic studies with to determine what options are viable to present to the planning commission in the coming months.

Ordinance No. 550, zoning exemption for borough services

The board approved a recent amendment for zoning exemption for all properties and land used for borough services.

“Basically, this is just an expansion of the previous definition of municipal-owned property to include borough services,” said Township Manager Geoffrey Thompson.

Feick asked the board, “Will this exemption affect any of the standards that are set by the Collegeville Beautification Committee?” 

Thompson replied that land development would still have to go through the "usual process of approvals with the board.”

Resolution No. 2011-03, approval of Schwenksville Borough as a member of the regional Board of Code Apppeals.

The Board of Code Appeals is a regional group that mediates appeals and local board discrepancies. As a member, Schwenksville will benefit from the group’s expertise and knowledge of construction and development code appeals.

Collegeville Farmers Market proud to participate in PA Preferred Program

PA Preferred is a branding program for the local agriculture industry. The Collegeville Farmers Market is now being accepted into this program. The PA Preferred logo will be displayed where Pennsylvania products are proudly offered.

Linda J. Flederbach, Main Street Manager, announced that with the farmers market's official grand opening coming June 18, the market already hosts 500-plus people every Saturday, and it is still adding vendors.

Tom McMenamin June 03, 2011 at 10:47 AM
Regarding the safety of pedestrians, a simple plan would be for the Ursinus students to not feel so entitled to think that they don't even have to look at oncoming traffic before stepping into the crosswalk. One of the biggest "safety blankets" given to these students are the bright lime green markers at the crosswalks with the sign saying something to the effect of "yield to pedestrians". To be honest, it's a bit offputting that a traffic study has to be put into motion simply due to the fact that Ursinus students will walk in front of a car without looking.
Tom Leahy June 15, 2011 at 02:54 PM
Traffic calming not only improves safety and dampens the noise level on Main Street, but when properly done with landscaping, improves our community. Take a look at the residential neighborhoods that surround Widner University, that community acted 5 years ago when the same recomendation was made to Collegeville Borough...and we did not! PS- McMenamin, what's your beef with Ursinus students? Life in our borough can only be enhanced by a more welcoming approach to our neighbors. Many Ursinus employess (residents)walk to work by the way.
Tom McMenamin June 15, 2011 at 08:41 PM
Leahy-What was it about my post that you didn't understand ? Reread it and I think you'll see that my main beef with the students is that many (not all) feel as if they can walk across Main St. with NO regard for oncoming traffic. For being in the midst of a college education, I've witnessed many ridiculously stupid attempts at crossing Main St by these students. When you were young, didn't your parents teach that you should look both ways before attempting to cross the street ? Other than that I have no issues with them. There have been occassions in the near past, while actually working on Main St. near the student dorms, they brought myself and my coworkers food, drink, and in all sincerity couldn't have been more accomodating and understanding while one of their utilities (my job) was not working. So, Leahy, let's not get overly dramatic


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