New Cooking Store in Skippack Offers Variety of Oils, Balsamics

The Land of Olive Olis and Balsamics in Skippack offers 15 flavored olive oils and 13 different balsamics.

The Land of Olive Oils and Balsamics opened just before the winter holidays in Skippack. The new shop, offering a variety of infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Owner, Vicki Fox, said her parents owned a restaurant for 31 years in Sellersville, and when they were looking to retire, she was not in a position to take over the restaurant.

However, she told Patch that she loves being around people and has wanted to own her own business. She explained that she was visiting a friend in North Carolina and visited two similar style stores. She said she liked the concept because it was something different and unique.

The store, located on Skippack Pike in the Village of Skippack, currently carries 15 flavored oils and 13 different balsamics. Shoppers can come in and taste test the different oils in the "taproom" before purchasing a large bottle, or if you can't decide on just one, The Land of Olive Oils sells small bottles that you can mix and match to find the one that you really love.

Fox told Patch that the spicy mango and the garlic infused olive oils are the most popular.

Besides olive oils and balsamics, they ask sell Pappardelle's dried pastas. Fox explained that the company is very choosy who they sell through, and the pastas come in gluten free varieties, as well as flavored varieties that Fox said taste amazing.

Besides the oils and balsamics, the store carries a variety of cooking salts, including flavored cooking salts. Fox said the Habanero salt is the most popular, but they also carry applewood smoke salt, toasted onion, lime, thai ginger, and more.

The store also carries olive oil based skin care, including lotions, soaps and lip balms.

Fox also said they carry a variety of artisan made cheese trays, made from recycled bottles.

She added that she is working on bringing in cooking shows to the store to teach people how to use the oils in new and innovative ways.

Fox told Patch that she loves to cook and bake at home and said it's "fun to discover different ways to create" with food.

The store is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., and Sundays from noon until 4 p.m.

Learn more about The Land of Olive Oils and Balsamics on their Facebook page.

Editor's note: When originally published the hours reported for The Land of Olive Oils and Balsamics were incorrect. The article has been updated to reflect the correct store hours.


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