PVHS Students Teach Preschoolers the Importance of Nutrition

Through a cross-curricular activity, high school students were able to demonstrate their learnings to their much-younger peers.


On May 9, Perkiomen Valley High School Students, as a part of Dr. Debra Berardi’s nutrition class, took part in teaching preschoolers the importance of nutrition. This program allowed the students to take what they have learned through out the year, and transfer that useful information to much younger children as part of this cross-curricular activity.

The Nutrition and Foods 2 class has been learning about the nutritional needs of preschoolers, so they were paired up with Melissa Foulke’s Preschool 1 classroom to properly teach these children, at 3-5 years of age, proper nutrition tips. The preschoolers that participated are all apart of the high school’s Little Viking’s Program.

“High school students guided their much-younger peers through the activities at each station, which included making a yogurt/granola/fresh fruit parfait, playing a matching game with cards that had pictures of fruit and other healthy foods on them, listening to a story called “Oliver’s Milk Shake,” and playing a board game,” said a PVHS press release.

The High school students created the lesson plan themselves and were also the ones to orchestrate each station. This allowed each student a chance to truly demonstrate what they’ve learned. As for the preschool student, they were exposed early to healthy eating habits, and they were given a unique experience that both the younger and older kids enjoyed. 


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