Limerick Unit Taken Offline for Inspection

Technicians will be inspecting the low-pressure turbine blades on Unit 2, the generating station said.

(Patch file photo)
(Patch file photo)
The following was provided to Patch by Limerick Generating Station:

Operators at Limerick Generating Station removed Unit 2 from service at approximately 7 a.m. Thursday to perform planned inspections of the main turbine.  While the unit is offline, workers will perform additional inspections and maintenance activities that can only be completed while the unit is not generating electricity. 

Based on turbine blade monitoring data and information gathered during the Unit 1 refueling outage earlier this month, technicians will be inspecting the low-pressure turbine blades on Unit 2.

Limerick’s two units produce electricity by boiling water to create steam that passes through a high pressure turbine and three low pressure turbines on each unit.  The turbines, which are located in a separate building from the reactors, have hundreds of fan-like blades on rotating parts. The turbines turn a main generator on each unit to produce electricity.

Limerick Unit 1 continues to operate at full power during the temporary outage.  Limerick Generating Station is located approximately 21 miles northwest of Philadelphia.  With both units at full power, the site can produce enough carbon-free electricity for approximately two million homes.



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