A Day In Collegeville Community Park

The Collegevile Borough's park has several amenities and interesting sights.

When families start heading out to the local park and playground, spring must be just around the corner. This was the case on the afternoon of Feb. 25 when Jessica Byrne and her daughter Leah, Skippack residents, came to play at the Collegeville Community Park.

According to the Perkiomen Valley Patch directory listing for the park, the park contains jungle gyms, swings, slides, a baseball field and basketball court, as well as a veterans statue, whose dutiful pose and stoic stare look out toward the park's flagpole, which has hoisted on it Old Glory.

Also hoisted high above the park is a curious hybrid recliner of what appears to be an office chair taped precariously to the crook of two large branches of a tree adjacent to the park's basketball court [see above gallery for photos].


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